Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ganja Grocer Girls?

Ganja Grocer Girls is brings “Stoner Girl“.to life in community style. Our gorgeous models are you, the very users of weed who love to share your favorite past-time with other 420 lovers. 

Our site is made up of sensual contests for marijuana themed photos and videos supplied by all of you.  Yes there are real prizes and it is your peers that will vote for their top favorite submissions..

How Long Has Ganja Grocer Girls Been Around?

Starting in January 2007, we began sharing classy marijuana adult content. This was at a time when it was more difficult to find such content as marijuana was not legal in all of the united states. After a few years, we got pre-occupied with other projects and took the site down. We are proud to resurrect Ganja Grocer Girls  as of June 2020!  

Do You Have Exclusive Contract Girls?

We are a platform for females who are marijuana lovers worldwide to enjoy posting their own content onto. We do not have any company sponsored women that are exclusive to Ganja Grocer Girls.

Is Ganja Grocer Girls a Production Studio?

Although we do shoot pictures and videos as content for some of the females that have appeared on our site from time to time, we are not in the business of shooting modeling portfolios.

What Content is Prohibited and Would Get Rejected?

We are not a XXX site, so we will reject any pictures or videos that are extremely graphic or crude. Examples of such materials are 1) Penis to vagina penetration  2) Gross fetishes such as fecal smearing or using body fluids such as semen, blood or urine 3) Male entries as this is a female content site 

Do I Need to Be a US Citizen to Participate?

No. Everyone Worldwide over the age of 18 since Marijuana and Sexy women are not bound by borders.

How Many Entries Can I Submit to Any Contest?

You can contribute an unlimited amount; and also it increases your chances that there may be that 1 special photo or video entry that our Ganja Grocer Girls community really likes; thus you place high and win a prize.

How Often Can I Vote Up Any Image?

We are very generous and where some sites may only allow 1 vote per contribution, we allow 1 vote per day on each contribution till a contest ends. So if you really love a certain photo or video… let the community know by voting on it every day.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Submit Entries into Contests?

18 which is the Legal age in most jurisdictions.

How Do I know When a Contest Expires?

Each contest has a Rules & Prizes tab which will list the contest theme, deadlines and prizes.

Do You Really Give Out Prizes?

Yes! We are thrilled to offer value back to the women that are the crowd favorite on our platform. It is our way to thank you for being a part of our Ganja Grocer Girls community and contributing. 

Once a contest deadline arrives, we will see who are the contest winners in each category and reach out so we can make sure prizes are properly distributed. Because of this, please make sure you fully fill out your profile at

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